Hot Trend 2010 – Unique Diamond Bracelet

To be cutting edge in 2010, check out the unique diamond bracelet hot trend. The hot trend in 2010 of the unique diamond bracelet is the result of raging gold prices, a sour economy, and fashion matching. We have polled the populace and gauged the pulse of style in the fashion jewelry industry and the jewelry piece of the year is going to be the bracelet.

The trends are revealing these surprising patterns. Unique diamonds are becoming very popular. What I mean by a unique diamond is a stone with a history. Inclusion, flaw included diamonds are not a problem as long as it has a unique identifying feature. Perhaps this very diamond was passed from generation to generation in your family to finally end up in your hands. The emotional value of the diamonds history will far outweigh its quality value.

Also, 2010 will see a rise in colored diamonds that are less common than the typical clear or colorless stones. Pink diamonds set in bracelets, pendants and earrings are becoming hugely popular. The chocolate diamond is gaining market share and various other colored gemstones are being used with increasing frequency in jewelry designs by famous designers. The more unique your diamond is, in color, history and discovery, the more valuable it will be in 2010.

When it comes to jewelry design, the bracelet will be the name of the game in 2010. The tennis bracelet or inline bracelet is being seen with increasing frequency on celebrities and fashion movers. A uniquely designed diamond bracelet that defies the classic trends in design are flying off the shelves. Black diamond tennis bracelets, unusual design patterns will be the gift of choice this coming year.

Quality and value will be increasingly important this coming year with a floundering economy, and people are looking for value outside of just a price factor. Unique custom jewelry can accessorize your style and express your character with cleverness trumping cost. In 2010, find a diamond bracelet that expresses your personality with elegance and style, and don’t feel obligated to spend a ton to stay with the times.