Diamond Bracelets – Bling or Simple Allure

If you’re tired of dangling earrings or heavy diamond pendants, consider investing in a diamond bracelet. Whether you choose a bracelet with a scattering of diamonds or a shimmering piece that’s ready for the red carpet, you have a huge selection from which to find the perfect item.

Bracelets and rings arguably give you the most dazzle for your dollar, as the diamonds move with your hand and capture the eye. From the most casual of diamond charm bracelets to the most spectacular solid band of in-line diamonds, you can choose a light touch of sparkle for everyday or a blaze of gems for that fancy dinner party or premier event.

There are many ways to express love with a gift, and one of the most common yet most evocative is with diamonds. This may be through a diamond ring, diamond necklace, diamond earrings, and sometimes through a diamond bracelet. A diamond bracelet can be a special gift for a special day such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday; or it can mark a one-time event such as a graduation, birth of a child, or a promotion.

Diamond and white gold bracelets are very popular, including the in-line thin bracelets that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds called a tennis bracelet, charm bracelets, the simple bangle that can be stacked to add brilliance, and too many other styles of silver and yellow and white gold bracelets.

Diamonds are the strongest gems, but they are not indestructible. When a diamond bracelets is worn on the wrist, you need to be sure the diamonds are set solidly and the clasp, if there is one, is sturdy, thick, and not easily unfastened. Losing your diamond bracelet is not an option you want to consider. Also, when storing your diamond bracelet, store it separately from other gemstones so as not to scratch them. The best jewelry case is one in which you can hang your diamond necklaces and bracelets.

A bracelet is an exquisite piece of fine jewelry that can add and not detract from your own beauty and that of other jewelry worn at the same time. A plain silver band with only a scattering of diamonds can be far lovelier in a subtle way than a flashier piece. Choose your diamond bracelet carefully according to the effect you want to create and the occasion at which it will be worn.