Categorizing Diamond Bracelets

There are several types of diamond bracelets that have distinct characteristic which set them apart from each other. Understanding the six main types of diamond bracelets will help you determine which style is the best for you. The categories are as follow: tennis bracelet, gemstone diamond bracelet, bangle bracelet, red carpet bracelet, designer diamond bracelet and vintage bracelet. Each of these six jewelry items have design elements unique to its product category.

Deciding on a diamond bracelet to buy can depend on a few things. Your specific budget, occasion and personal preference will all influence which one is best for you. You should be able to make this decision after you’ve finished reading through these explanations. The prices will also rely on the metal type you choose, diamond quality selection and size, gemstone selection if applicable and length of bracelet.

The definition of a tennis bracelet is a flexible gold or platinum setting, with a single row of diamonds set close together forming a line of straight diamonds across the wrist. Considered one of the more classic choices, a classic tennis style diamond bracelet can have a three prong or four prong setting, holding each diamond secure.

The next category is the gemstone and diamond combination bracelet. This bracelet type usually has an even distribution of gemstones and diamonds, and alternates between the two. Many classic settings can be altered to include gemstones also.

The third category is the bangle bracelet. This non-flexible item is usually 7 inches in diameter and has a single clasp at one end. Securing the clasp will keep this oval or round shaped bangle on the wrist. Many options now have diamonds in addition to the gold or platinum metal type.

The fourth category is the ultra glamorous and sparkly red carpet diamond bracelet. These are not an everyday accessory because they usually have multiple rows of diamonds or a unique setting design that incorporates a large number of diamonds. Perfect for a wedding, black tie event or other special occasion, these magnificent accessories are not the kind of item you would wear to work.

The fifth category is the designer diamond bracelet. These bracelets are not the typical design. You will see variations of the XOXO styles, intricate shapes and gold or platinum links in between the diamond links. Some designer styles even incorporate gemstones.

The last category is the vintage bracelet. Whether you find an heirloom bracelet or choose a modern vintage inspired bracelet, these beauties have design details that are reminiscent of the past Special intricate details give these items a custom, unique feel.