A Diamond Bracelet for Her – “Just Because”

How many times have you heard the words “diamond ring?” The two words describing an extravagant piece of jewelry can usually be referred to a woman’s wedding ring. The famous diamond ring has been around for years, becoming the traditional type of ring is preferred by most engaged women.

But how many times have you heard the words “diamond bracelet [http://www.harrismichaeljewelry.com/diamond-bracelet.html]?” Such a piece of jewelry doesn’t receive the attention that a diamond ring gets, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less extravagant.

Unlike a diamond ring, a diamond bracelet doesn’t really signify a milestone affair like a wedding. In an analogy, a diamond bracelet is like the icing on the cake. It is the extra bonus, the sweet treat, the shocking surprise that you present to a loved one “just because.”

And because a diamond bracelet is an extravagant gift to a loved one, make sure you give it to the right person at the right time. Diamond bracelets are not cheap, so give such a gift to someone you’re close and committed to. Such recipients would be deserving of a diamond bracelet:

Husband to wife: This is a no-brainer, but a husband will make his wife’s day if he were to give her a diamond bracelet. If it is for her birthday, anniversary, or “just because,” she will have this diamond bracelet to flaunt for a special occasion.

Fiance to fiancée: In addition to giving her a diamond ring, you give her a diamond bracelet to match. If giving her a bracelet to compliment her ring is affordable and reasonable for you, a diamond bracelet will come as an overwhelmingly extravagant gift.

Parents to child: A graduation, birthday or a wedding gift, a diamond bracelet would be a daughter’s special adornment highlighted on these occasions. Coming from her parents, this diamond bracelet will be a treasured keepsake for her to cherish.

Child to Parent: Your mother, a woman who has been there for you your whole life, would be very deserving of a gift such as a diamond bracelet. For Mother’s day, her birthday, or on her wedding anniversary, giving your mother a diamond bracelet upon these special occasions will be her “icing on the cake.”

Take into account that any gift you give her will be a special treasure to her. However, if you’re able to go the extra mile for a diamond bracelet, take some time and explore the various kinds of bracelets to discover the most suitable diamond bracelet for her.